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PROS And Cons Of Vinyl Flooring Or PVC Flooring

In this article you can know about the advantages and disadvantages Of Vinyl Flooring or PVC Flooring

What is vinyl flooring (PVC flooring)?

Vinyl flooring is a product with many layers of different materials, making it a very durable, practical and affordable floor covering. 

Vinyl plank flooring is also the most popular flooring option for homes, offices, cafes, and high-traffic commercial applications. Vinyl flooring also has many advantages, one of which is a 100% waterproof surface, but there are also some disadvantages that you may want to consider based on your needs.

Below is a list of the most important pros and cons of vinyl flooring that can help you with your buying decision.

PROS And Cons Of Vinyl Flooring

PROS And Cons Of Vinyl Flooring


PROS Of Vinyl Flooring or PVC Flooring


Easy to install

Vinyl flooring (PVC flooring) is very easy to install because it is simply glued to the floor. It can be attached to concrete, wood or other base soil using rubber-based adhesives and is also available in peel & stick types.


Low Cost

Vinyl is very inexpensive compared to other floorings due to the range of shapes and designs available, which is especially beneficial if you want to use imitate expensively flooring materials.



Vinyl is very versatile and can be customized to any design you like, regardless of its shape, size, pattern or print.



Once the liquid emulsion is polished or laminated vinyl is well protected from normal wear or any chemicals such as mild acids, alkalis, soaps, detergents.


Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and regular wiping and a damp mop are all necessary to keep a vinyl floor clean and in good condition.


Moisture Resistance

Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof which has a non-porous surface. For this reason, it can be used almost anywhere in the home.



Its softness and flexibility make it a good working platform to stand and move. It avoids accidents because it provides adequate friction


CONS Of Vinyl Flooring or PVC Flooring


Environmental Impact

Vinyl is a petroleum product, which is a non-renewable source and is not considered environmentally friendly due to the chemicals and pollutants produced in its production.


Difficulty in repair

Although vinyl is durable, it is difficult to repair if it is damaged because the entire sheet may need to be replaced. A vinyl tile or plank can be removed and a new one installed, but a sheet must be glued or replaced.


Wear over time

Although the flooring base is greatly protected, the signs of wear begin to show as folds in the corners over time, fading and scratching in colour as exposed to the sun. Etc. Unlike wood, vinyl flooring cannot have a new coating applied.

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