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Choose A Refrigerator | Refrigerator Buying Guide | How to Choose A New Fridge - homeslibro

June 26, 2022 0

Choose A Refrigerator | Refrigerator Buying Guide | How to Choose A New Fridge | Best Refrigerator Buying Guide | Choosing the Best Refrigerator For Your Kitchen.


Your kitchen layout and the amount of vertical or floor space you have will dictate whether you choose a combined fridge-freezer or separate units. Decide their proportionate sizes—how much fresh food you need to store, and how much frozen?—and consider energy-efficient models before you buy.



If your refrigerator and freezer will both sit under a countertop, you may want to choose to match (but not combined)  appliances. If, however, you need your under-counter cabinet space for extra storage, a combined fridge-freezer is best.



Best Refrigerator Buying Guide
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June 23, 2022 0


Picking the right kitchen faucet is mainly a matter of choosing the style you prefer; whether the sink has predrilled faucet holes will also influence choice. Kitchens often have a high-pressure water supply, so most types of faucets will work (if water pressure is low, however, designs with pull-out sprays won’t work effectively).



Unless your choice of faucet is predetermined by the sink you’ve chosen (with predrilled holes), you need to prioritize which style you prefer and the extent of your budget.

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Tips to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink For Your Kitchen - Homeslibro

June 18, 2022 0

In addition to thinking about which fixtures and materials you would prefer when choosing your kitchen sink, it’s also worth considering what you intend to use the sink for—are you an avid cook, or someone who doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen?—and how much counter space you can afford to sacrifice for it.



To choose a sink, figure out the size of the cabinet or unit it will sit in (it must be big enough to house the bowl), the depth and width of the counter, and what you will use the sink for; if you cook most nights, you’ll need at least a sink and a half.


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How to Choose the best Kitchen Backsplash | 5 Ways With Backsplashes

June 11, 2022 0

You should choose your backsplash at the same time as your work surface. You don’t have to use the same material, but you should pick something that complements it. Whether you choose to have a small backsplash tile or a whole wall of your chosen material is a matter of personal taste.

5 Ways With Backsplashes

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What is Cool Roof Tiles? | Installation of cool roof tiles on Terrace - homeslibro

June 07, 2022 0

Should the temperature of the rooms be reduced to 20 degrees Celsius in Hot summer?

Cool roof tiles seem like a great idea.

You know it works, but you never know about details of it

Do not worry!

Let us give you an idea about price trends.

You will find tips on installing cooling tiles that you can use with your contractor.

Let's go straight inside!


How Do Cool Tiles Reduce Heat?

There are 2 things to consider when heating your terrace:

1. Sun rays reflection - Solar Reflectance

Solar reflection is how much heat is returned from the surface. This indicates how less the surface is absorbed.


2. Heat emission - Thermal Emittance

Heat emission refers to how much is pushed back into the atmosphere for absorbed heat.


Therefore, as the sun’s reflection and heat emission are higher, the surface will be cooler. Cold tiles generally have high sun rays reflection and heat emission. Solar Reflectivity Index (SFI), the parameter used to determine the level of heat reflection, is typically 95% of cold roof tiles. This means that cold tiles can reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees Celsius in any condition.



Cool Tiles Reduce Heat because of Colour and Material type


Colour: White is the best! colour because it reflects heat and black absorbs heat. So, you can whiten, to have more reflective. A dark roof can go up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot day. One colour can do just that!


Materials: Material type is also important. That is why white plated shingles cannot reflect as much heat as white ceramic glazed roof tiles. If the surface is smooth, it will reflect better than the hard surface.



Cold tiles have polished coatings such as zirconium oxide (for maximum whiteness), alumina silicate or zirconium silicate. These materials contribute better to higher reflectivity and lower heat absorption.



Advantages of cold roof tiles

As you can imagine, there are some very useful features.

1. It will reduce the heat. Great!

2. It reduces global warming.

3. Fans and coolers consume less electricity to keep you cool. So, more money in your pocket.

4. Your terrace will be fine.

5. If you want to have dinner on your terrace, it is now possible.

Installation of cool roof tiles on Terrace

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Brick Work Cost Calculator | Brick Work Rate Analysis - Homeslibro

June 04, 2022 0

Brick Work Cost Calculator | Brick Work Rate Analysis | Brick work cost per sqft | Brick work cost per cft


Our Calculator estimates the brickwork rate analysis to cover a given area. On this calculator page, you can calculate the material and cost required for brickwork.

Brick Work Cost Calculator

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