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Living Rooms | Typical Furnitures Dimensions | Living Room Layouts



Of all the rooms in a house, the living room has the fewest constraints since it requires neither appliances, nor plumbing fixtures, nor storage. As a result, interior designers have a great deal of freedom in terms of the character and configuration of the space. The living room should be designed to reflect the particular lifestyle of a family.

Typical Furniture Dimensions

Specific functional requirements and the size and shape of the room will help set the agenda for selecting and arranging the most appropriate furniture. Below are the dimensions of typical living room furniture. Be mindful that the dimensions of specific pieces may vary from the typical sizes. Furniture that diverges widely in dimension from these examples may be uncomfortable and impractical, however.

Living Rooms

The distance between chairs and sofas can influence the behaviour of the occupants of a space. Two people sitting across from each other must be within a specific dimensional range for conversation to be comfortable. The behaviour of larger groups of people around and across a coffee table is also affected by the relative intimacy of the furniture arrangement.




Living Room Layouts

A typical living room can function well when arranged according to several alternative principals



Using the natural centre of a room, furniture is placed around a common axis

living room

Dual Axis

A cross axis will focus attention toward the centre of a room, while other features become a backdrop.

living room

Local Symmetry

Separate seating areas can make a room feel larger. Using local symmetry can maintain harmony and balance within the room.

living room


Unrelated groupings of furniture can result in a casual atmosphere within a room.


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