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How To Fix an Overflowing Dishwasher? - Homeslibro

 How To Fix an Overflowing Dishwasher


Your Dishwasher has always done its job faithfully, and you paid little attention to it until a problem arose when one day you turned on your Dishwasher, and while it was running, you notice an overflow of water.


“Don't call a plumber right away. It's a job a beginner can fix.”


As the water level in your dishwasher rises, the saucer-shaped float located in the basin will rise. When the water reaches its maximum height, your dishwasher signals to disconnect the floating water supply. If the float does not move, it will continue to rise until it is filled with water. If you have a dishwasher in your RV, you can repair it using the manual.


How do Dishwashers Work?

How do Dishwashers Work?

Materials Needed

Ø Dishwasher float switch

Ø Flathead Screwdriver



1. Unstick the Float Manually

Usually, the stuck float is easy to adjust. To return to its position, you have to raise and lower it by hand a few times. When the float is working well, it will move freely to trigger the switch. If that does not happen or the float is visibly damaged, you will need to replace the entire float assembly.


2. Inspect the overfill float switch

The float switch is smaller than a cigarette lighter, and it cuts off or allows a low-voltage electrical current to flow. If you lift the float and hear a hard clicking metallic sound, then there's a good chance it is still in good working condition. If you do not hear the sound, then the float needs replacement.


3. Replace the overfill float switch

At this point, you are very close to fixing the dishwasher overflow problem. Next, get your dishwasher manual and find out where the float switch is. Different models have different locations; Some are in front under the foot, others are back.

Before replacing the float switch, turn off the current. Easy to replace. Remove the damaged part and replace with a new one. Once you have confirmed that you have adjusted it correctly, turn on the current and test again. If it works properly, you can continue to use it as before.

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