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What are the Alternatives of plywood | Homeslibro

Alternatives to plywood

Plywood has a favourite choice of material when making wooden furniture for our homes. It is cheaper than standard solid wood furniture (e.g. teak wood furniture) and more readily available at local shops. In recent times, however, a few alternatives for plywood, especially ready-made furniture, have become popular in the market.

In This article, we have listed the first 3 alternatives to plywood that are used in practice today.



MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product. These boards are made of very small wood fibres that are tightly glued together to form a solid surface. Although not as strong as plywood, it is quite attractive due to its smooth laminated surface finish.


MDF boards are usually pre-laminated when manufactured with LPL (Low-Pressure Laminates), and standard size MDF furniture is assembled in factories and shipped to distributors for sale.


On the other hand, most plywood furniture, such as tables, shelves, and beds, is made of plywood sheets by local carpenters. Laminates or veneers are used to decorate plywood.

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If you want a better finish you can choose mdf over plywood. If you need the strength you want to choose plywood


Other types of fiberboards include

·       LDF - low-density fiberboards

·       HDF - high-density fiberboards

HDF is much better. When working with wood, the general rule is that the higher the density and weight of the wood, the stronger it will usually be.



If you've ever been to a furniture store in the last two years, you are more likely to have seen particle board furniture. It is very weak compared to plywood or MDF and it is very cheap.


In fact, we have come across many shopkeepers who say that they themselves inform their customers that this furniture ( made by particle board)  won't last for more than 4 to 5 years and recommend choosing plywood furniture instead. Particleboard furniture is more likely to be damaged during operation, especially in cases where people can move from one house to another.



The best alternative to plywood is solid wood, although it is more expensive. This is usually not available to local carpenters. They often work with plywood. But quality solid wood furniture is available in large showrooms. Teak wood is the most common solid wood used in India. Other varieties like walnut or cherry can be hard to find.

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