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How choosing the right kind of plywood can save you money? - Homeslibro

Whether you like it or not, plywood is expensive. This article explains why plywood is more expensive compared to other options such as particle boards and how to choose the right type of plywood for your needs to save money.


Cost Comparison

1. Plywood is more expensive than particle boards and MDF (medium-density fiberboards).

2. Plywood furniture is cheaper compared to good quality solid wood furniture such as teak wood furniture.

3. Among the various types of plywood available in the market, interior grade plywood - commercial plywood is one of the cheapest. Exterior grade plywood - BWR grade costs more than that, and Marine-grade plywood is more expensive than that.


How choosing the right kind of plywood can save you money.

1. To make home furniture, you can choose commercial plywood (MR grade). MR stands for Moisture Resistance. This type of plywood is not water-proof, but generally meets the needs of home furniture in most cases.


2. And for furniture such as kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture, you can choose the exterior BWR standard (BWR is 'boiling water resistant), which is expensive but you can call it water. Proof. Even if the initial cost is high, it will be durable, so it saves money in the long run.


3. Marine grade plywood for marine applications. This is not really for home use and in most cases for home furniture and home decor, the use of exterior quality plywood is sufficient. So there is no need to opt for expensive Marine grade plywood. You can opt for BWR quality plywood instead, it is cheaper than that.


4. Laminate plywood furniture is good. Decorative laminates increase the life of plywood, preventing water from contacting wood surfaces, and increasing the durability of your furniture but the initial cost of purchasing the laminate is notable.


How to Save on carpentry costs?

Doing your woodwork requires your personal attention and supervision unless of course there is a very reliable person who will do the work for you.


Make sure you get plywood of the right thickness and size. Extra thick plywood is expensive and should not be used unless needed. On the other hand, when you pay for thick plywood, you need to be careful that carpenters do not use thin plywood. If you get a good honest carpenter, this should not be a problem.


In the case of decorative laminates, it is the thickness, its quality and longevity. Thicker laminate is more expensive though. There is a big price difference between branded and unbranded laminates.


Before starting any work, it is a good idea to calculate the material costs and labour costs separately. This way you can save a little money on raw materials like plywood and laminate and instead pay people better by doing good quality work.



What plywood is best for outdoor use?

BWR (Boiling Moisture Resistant)


What is waterproof plywood?

Waterproof plywood is a moisture-resistant material that many people use for various purposes in their home

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