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How to select Plywood and Laminates for your Furniture?

How to Select plywood for your furniture?

It is the job of the carpenter to determine the type of plywood that best suits the needs of the customer. He should guide us on the correct quality, quantity, grade, sheet size and thickness of the plywood

There are many types of plywood available in the market, from commercial interior and exterior grade to marine plywood. Other types, such as flexible plywood, may also be required. Read this article to know more about different types of plywood.

General thumb rules for selecting plywood







100% Hardwood

Even More Stronger






Buying, the right type of plywood for every piece of furniture and decor will help with its durability and save costs.

kitchen furniture such as kitchen cabinets, countertop

BWR Plywood

wall mounted cabinets, file cabinets, doors, chairs and tables used inside a room

MR plywood

Exposure to water is high.

Marine Plywood


How to Select decorative laminate for your furniture?

Determining the laminate surface is a choice that the customer must make based on the colour, design and texture of his or her preferences.

The general rule for choosing laminates for your plywood furniture

1.   The thicker the laminate, the stronger and better it will look.

2.   Laminates must be scratch-resistant and waterproof.

3.   If the laminate cannot withstand wear and tear, wonderful looking designs and attractive colours are of no use.


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