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Teak Plywood | Teak Veneer | Solid teak wood furniture | Homeslibro

Teak Plywood for Furniture?

This article explains what teak plywood is and talks about related features such as teak veneer and solid teak wood furniture.


If you as a customer are looking for plywood made of teak wood, be sure that it will be hard to find. This is because teak is a very expensive wood and solid teak wood is in great demand in the national and international markets. So no one makes plywood out of teak wood at all. What plywood companies generally do is get good quality veneers from teak wood and use it only for the top layer of plywood. The inner layers of the plywood are made using other wood.


Technically, we should not call this teak plywood, but rather a teak veneer plywood.


Rotary cutting logs of wood, from which veneers are obtained by peeling layers. To do this, the logs are mounted on a lathe-like machine and rotated on their longitudinal axis, while a sharp cutter peels off very thin layers (veneers) from the logs. In the case of plywood, many such veneers (plywood) are glued together to form plywood sheets.


The plywood made using such techniques is known as decorative plywood.


Such decorative plywoods are available in all standard sizes such as 8ft x 4ft, 7ft x 3ft and all standard thicknesses like 18mm, 19mm. These plywoods can also be manufactured in different grades like Commercial MR grade (moisture resistant - internal quality) or BWR quality (boiling water resistant - external quality) or marine grade plywood (used to decorate floors on ships).


Teak wood is a strong and attractive material that has been fashionable for a long time. It has a rich golden brown colour and straight grain shapes on it, which is very beautiful. It is very strong and durable and contains natural oil within its cells, which is why it has a natural resistance against termites and insects.


Like decorative plywood, teak veneers can also be glued to other engineered wood substrates, such as MDF (medium-density fibre board) sheets. Quality wood veneers are expensive, and if you decide not to use teak veneer plywood or teak veneer MDF, the best option is to use decorative laminates such as Sunmica, Formica and other brands.


If you are looking for teak furniture, you may also want to consider buying solid teak wood furniture. Instead of the usual blockboard doors, you can opt for BWP exterior quality teak veneer blockboards or solid teak wood doors. Solid wood is considered stronger than plywood or blockboard because it is a homogeneous material. Solid teak wood is expensive, but it is very strong and durable and can easily last a lifetime.

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