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Teak Wood Polish Care and Maintenance - Homeslibro

This article describes how to maintain teak furniture and teak wood doors. Teak wood is a beautiful and strong material compared to other wood or plywood, and with proper care and maintenance, it will last for many years.


The benefit of teak is that it is durable, non-decay or rot, strong and beautiful with its golden brown colour and straight grain. However, over the years, even teak furniture or teak doors begin to lose their shine (lustre) and become dull.

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At such times, the best way to regain the original colour and shine of the wood surface is to polish the furniture. Before polishing the teak wood, sand it with sandpaper if needed. Abrasive material on sandpaper helps to remove any stains.


Following this, you can put the teak wood polish on the furniture.


There are different types of furniture wood polishes available in India.

·       WoodTech Melamyne - Asian Paints

·       WoodTech PU Luxury Wood Finish For Exterior - Asian Paints

·       WoodTech PU Luxury Wood Finish For Interior - Asian Paints

·       Woodtech Touchwood - Asian Paints

·       WoodTech Emporio PU White - Asian Paints

·       Wood Magic - Nippon Paint


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Melamine Polish


Teak wood requires no maintenance other than occasional polishing (once every two years). It is strong and durable wood and contains a natural oil within its cells. Due to this oil, the teak tree is naturally resistant to termites and other pests and also prevents rot and rot. Well-processed genuine teak wood furniture does not shrink or deteriorate due to climate change even when used outdoors.


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