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Top Plywood companies and brands in India - Homeslibro

The best-selling plywood companies make up the majority of the plywood market in India in the organized sector, which also has an equally large informal sector, with many manufacturers producing and selling locally made plywood brands.


The price-points of local brands are very low compared to the price of plywood sheets manufactured by big companies, however, the quality is likely to have been compromised at very low price-points.


From a customer's point of view, it is very difficult to know the quality of any plywood sheet by looking at it. So for those who want to ensure quality, the best plywood brands will have a formal ISI logo that is a symbol of trust for quality. IS specification numbers are also printed on the boards just above the ISI mark.

E.g. IS: 710 is Marine Plywood and IS: 303 is MR and BWR grade plywood.


Listed below are some of the major plywood companies in India and their plywood brand names (in random order).



Kitply Industries Ltd.

Brand names: 'Kitply Gold', Kitply Curvy, Swastik MR grade, Vista (MR and BWR grade)

Kitply is one of the more famous plywood brands in India. The company started its operations in 1982. Other than plywood the company also manufactures blockboards, decorative laminates, and its 'KitCol' brand of wood adhesive.

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd.

Brand names: 'Century Ply'

The company also manufactures blockboards, veneers, laminates, MDF and Pre laminated Particleboards.


GreenPly Industries Ltd.

Brand names: Greenply plywood, 'Green Club Premium Ply, its 'GreenLam' brand of decorative laminates and others.

Greenply is a multi-national interior infrastructure company and has operations in several countries. The company also makes blockboards, laminates, decorative veneers, and MDF.


National Plywood Industries Ltd.

Brand name: 'National plywood'     

The company manufactures plywood as well as laminates.

DuroPly | Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.

Brand name: DuroPly, DuroFlex, Duro-PumaPly as well as several other brands.   

The company manufactures plywood, decorative plywood, blockboards and flush doors etc.


All major plywood companies in India manufacture all types and types of plywood such as commercial MR grade, waterproof BWR grade for outdoor use, marine quality, flexible plywood and fire retardant and shuttering plywood.


Related products such as laminate, blockboards and flush doors are also sold by most companies. Many large companies have now entered the ready-made furniture market in India, as well as in the production of new engraved wood products such as pre-laminated particle boards and MDF (medium-density fiberboards).



What is the best quality of plywood?

The best quality plywood is always ISI certified. Commercial or MR grade plywood IS: 303 and marine or waterproof plywood IS: 710.


Which brand of plywood is best for cupboards?

BWR grade plywood for kitchen | MR grade plywood for other furniture


What is marine plywood?

Marine plywood or BWP grade plywood is commonly used in water emitting applications. Article link

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