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Choose A Refrigerator | Refrigerator Buying Guide | How to Choose A New Fridge - homeslibro

Choose A Refrigerator | Refrigerator Buying Guide | How to Choose A New Fridge | Best Refrigerator Buying Guide | Choosing the Best Refrigerator For Your Kitchen.


Your kitchen layout and the amount of vertical or floor space you have will dictate whether you choose a combined fridge-freezer or separate units. Decide their proportionate sizes—how much fresh food you need to store, and how much frozen?—and consider energy-efficient models before you buy.



If your refrigerator and freezer will both sit under a countertop, you may want to choose to match (but not combined)  appliances. If, however, you need your under-counter cabinet space for extra storage, a combined fridge-freezer is best.



Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

A separate refrigerator and freezer are a  practical choice for a kitchen that doesn’t have full-height units. These appliances can even be positioned within a kitchen island.  They don’t have to sit side by side,  although it’s easier if they do.




Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

Large side-by-side fridge freezers are around 6ft (2m)  tall and are usually configured with the two appliances combined side by side. The fridge tends to be about twice the width of the freezer. They are available in a wide range of colours, and often feature water coolers and ice makers,  which means they may require minor plumbing.




Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

Stacked fridge-freezers are a popular choice for both built-in and freestanding kitchens and are available in various fridge and freezer sizes and configurations. The refrigerator will usually be at least as big as the freezer compartment—  often bigger. Having the fridge above the freezer is the most ergonomic arrangement since it minimizes the need to bend down.




It is likely to be one of the most significant items in your kitchen, so the appearance of your fridge-freezer requires careful consideration.  An integrated model will give a more streamlined look, while a stylish freestanding model can make a good focal point.



Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

If space isn’t an issue, or you’ve seen a  designer fridge-freezer that deserves to be shown off, a freestanding model is a good choice. Another benefit of a freestanding model is that you can take it with you if you move.




Best Refrigerator Buying Guide

If you like the look of a built-in kitchen,  an integrated, built-in fridge-freezer is an obvious choice. A tall, stacked model can be built into a run of cabinets, or separate models can be placed side by side under a countertop.



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