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How to Choose the best Kitchen Backsplash | 5 Ways With Backsplashes

You should choose your backsplash at the same time as your work surface. You don’t have to use the same material, but you should pick something that complements it. Whether you choose to have a small backsplash tile or a whole wall of your chosen material is a matter of personal taste.

5 Ways With Backsplashes


Your backsplash material, above all else, needs to be practical and easy to clean. However, it’s also a good opportunity to add interest to your walls, so consider adding colour with glass, pattern with tiles, or warmth with wood.



Choose the best Kitchen Backsplash

Probably the most popular choice, tiles are easy to clean and stain-resistant, although you should steer clear of unglazed finishes since they are porous and will stain if splashed. If you have a large kitchen, consider using bigger tiles for your backsplash.



Choose the best Kitchen Backsplash

A good choice for modern kitchens, tempered-glass backsplashes are usually custom-made, although you can buy precut panels that normally come in 28in (70cm) widths. They come in a huge range of colours; look for those that are UV stable so they won’t fade.



Choose the best Kitchen Backsplash

A solid wood backsplash will need to be treated regularly—either every three months or when you notice that it has lost its sheen—  so that it continues to repel water and oil splashes. It is not suitable for use behind a cooktop, since it may become scorched.




Stainless steel is extremely hard-wearing, hygienic, and easy to clean. Its surface may scratch over time, but that is part of its appeal and complements its tough, industrial look. Stainless steel backsplashes are available in various sizes.




A new backsplash can transform an existing kitchen for a fraction of the budget you would need if you were to replace all your kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to choose a plain backsplash; there are unusual effects or materials you can opt for if you want to make the backsplash the focal point of your kitchen.




5 Ways With Backsplashes

Subway tiles are traditional-shaped tiles that look just as good in contemporary kitchens as in rustic ones. Adhere the tiles to the wall in a horizontal pattern, and consider extending this backsplash effect behind all the countertops if you like the look.



For an eclectic look, try a patchwork arrangement of vintage-style tiles in a range of patterns.



In small, dark kitchens, a mirrored backsplash will bounce light around the room, although it is not suitable for use behind a cooktop.



Create a striking feature wall by wallpapering your wall, and then covering it with a protective glass panel.



Mirrored mosaic tiles will give your kitchen a glamorous feel and, like a mirrored backsplash, will reflect light around a small space.

5 Ways With Backsplashes

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