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Guide to Choose the Best Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen - Homeslibro


Kitchen lighting needs to be chosen with precision because it’s the one area of the home—other than a workshop or home office, perhaps—where you need spaces to be lit well enough for you to work. Include ambient lighting, too, and accent lighting to show off any design elements.



How you light your kitchen depends to some degree on its size. If it’s a tiny room, you will probably want to focus on ambient and task lighting. You can be more creative if the room is large or part of open-plan living space.


Best Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen


Most kitchens have overhead lighting in addition to task lighting. If you have a large open-plan, eat-in kitchen and living space, adding a  dimmer switch will allow you to lower the brightness of the overhead lighting once the cooking is over and the eating begins.



Task lighting is a must for a kitchen, whatever its size. Position it directly over the countertop so that no shadows are cast as you bend forward to chop vegetables,  for example. If your kitchen is small and lighting options are limited by your budget,  designate a task area—ideally near the cooktop—and ensure that it is lit well.



Accent lighting can make a room seem larger. Place lights on the underside, on top of and inside glass-panelled wall cabinets, and at baseboard level to stretch your space and highlight your kitchen’s design. Or use accent lighting as you would in a living room, focusing spotlights on pictures or an impressive range, for example.



It is important to create a space where you and your family will enjoy spending time, as well as one that is practical for cooking. The goal should be to choose a combination of fixtures that will cover all your lighting needs.




Best Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen


Recessed downlights provide a feeling of natural daylight, which is good in a  room where you may spend a lot of time, and their virtually flush design makes them good for low-ceilinged rooms. Install them with a dimmer switch so that you can lower the light levels when you want.



Pendant lights work particularly well in kitchens if they are hung low over an island unit (but not a cooktop), countertop, or dining table.  Consider hanging a line of three for a more interesting and illuminating option. Look for extractor fan options that look like pendant lighting.



Adjustable spot and track lights allow you to direct light exactly where you need it. Consider the position of these lights if they are the only task lighting in the room so that you don’t cast shadows as you work. Install them with a  dimmer switch so that you can alter the mood of the room easily.




Best Light Fixtures For Your Kitchen


Swan-neck fixtures are installed at the front of the top of wall cabinets to cast light down onto the doors and illuminate preparation areas. Or, you can have lights concealed on top of the cabinet—they simply light the space above the unit.  Both types create decorative accent lighting in the evening.



Under-cabinet lighting provides task lighting when you are preparing food and also creates additional decorative lighting if you are dining in the kitchen. The lights should be mounted toward the middle of the underside of a wall cabinet so that the light is evenly distributed and doesn’t cast shadows.



Highlight your kitchen floor using toe-kick space lights. These lights are available as LEDs or halogen lamps and come in a range of designs installed in the plinth panel around the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.


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