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All you want know about Cassette Air Conditioners | Advantages and Disadvantages of Cassette unit

What is cassette Unit?

A cassette air conditioner is basically a type of split system, as it consists of two units; One is installed inside and the other outside. The difference with cassette-type air conditioners is that the indoor unit is installed on the ceiling.

Cassette Air Conditioners

The indoor unit is a grill mounted that supplies hot or cold air through vents and does not require ductwork. The pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor units is hidden in the ceiling space (Ceiling cavity). The unrestricted design makes it ideal for offices and other commercial applications, as well as homes and apartments.

Cassette air conditioning systems are also quiet, using powerful fans to exhaust air will have the noisiest part of the system, the condenser (or compressor system), is an outdoor unit.

Process of AC Cassette System

A cassette air conditioner works like any other split system. The real difference though is that the cassette head unit is mounted flush to the ceiling for a sleeker look. It draws air into the center of the main unit and cools or heats it depending on which mode you have set it to. Start ventilating the space immediately with a "4-way" ventilation system.

So therefore, the cassette air conditioner eliminates odors, contaminants, dust, and excess moisture from the air and replaces them with cold or hot air. With ceiling air conditioners no ductwork is required, and the outdoor condenser can power more than one indoor unit, so ceiling grills can be installed in multiple rooms if required.

Cold or warm air is sent downwards through the vents of the inner cassette by powerful fans in two, three, or four directions. Along with the more common square models, there are also circular models that offer 360-degree coverage, giving you constant airflow.

Cassette Air Conditioners


Advantages of cassette air conditioners:

1. Compactness: A cassette air conditioner fits perfectly into the ceiling and does not take up space on the walls of your home.

What is better Cassette AC or Split AC?

The cassette unit's powerful cooling, along with its (more or less) central location on the ceiling, makes it ideal for large living and dining areas where wall-mounted split air conditioners are ineffective.


2. Energy savings: Cassette air conditioners heat or cool rooms quickly and efficiently, which means energy is saved when the desired temperature is reached.


3. Air distribution: Cassette air conditioning units send air evenly in all directions.


4. Cassette system supplies both heat and cool air without any noise.


5. These air conditioning systems are used in offices and other large spaces, so if you've got an open-plan design, it's perfect for your home. Smaller units are also suitable for smaller spaces.


6. Cassette air conditioners are stylish and easily fit into most designs’ ideas for home and commercial.


7. Cassette air conditioners last for years and are easy to service and maintain. yearly service is recommended, and as with other split systems, you should wipe the vents with a dry cloth and clean or replace the air filters frequently.


8. Temperature can be controlled with a programmable thermostat for added comfort and convenience.


What is a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat is a thermostat that can adjust home heating and cooling equipment according to a pre-set schedule.

For example, a programmable thermostat can be set to maintain a home temperature of 24 degrees throughout the day and 45 degrees after 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM daily.


Disadvantages of cassette air conditioners:

1. Some houses are not suitable for cassette-type air conditioners. You need space in your ceiling cavity and on your ceiling. The unit can be powered by lighting and/or ceiling fans.

2. For supplying heat or cool air to your entire home, you'll need multiple indoor grills.

3. The indoor grill is quiet, we want to be careful on installing the outdoor unit as it can be noisy.

4. It's more expensive to purchase and install compared to a standard wall-mounted split system.

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