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Bedroom Vaastu Principles | Bed Position | Bedroom Furniture - HOMESLIBRO




It is nothing about magic or black magic but the guiding principles for better and feasible space with the backdrop of knowledge regarding geography and laws of nature.

Vaastu is nothing but science based on Vedic knowledge.

Vaastu means dwelling and Shastra means scripture. Vaastu Shastra is thus living in harmony with nature for extended benefits and applied science.

Thus, designing a home or space understanding the basics of wind direction, sun -direction, north, etc.

Basically, you can't deny eternal laws of nature for better usability of space.

Learning about bedroom Vaastu first you should know the placement of the bedroom as per Vaastu Shastra

You need not necessarily change bedroom placement but you can counteract with a better interior by understanding the logic behind it.


As per Vaastu Shastra bedroom should be never in the southeast of your home but it could be in southwest, west or northwest.

The reason is southeast will make your room hot in the morning, it keeps on adding more warmth till late noon and this heat will make your space warmer till night.

So moreover your bedroom will be hotter for more than one-third of the day and sometimes two third of the day.

But if you don't have a choice to shift you can take a call on the interior to reduce the effect but it could not be neglected or reduced completely without the help of Air Conditioning.

The placement of bed should be in such a way that the head should not be in the north under any circumstances.

The best direction to point your head is south but otherwise east or west is fine.

The reason for not keeping head towards north is earth's magnetic field lies in a north-south direction

While sleeping with head in north, iron through our RBC is attracted towards north creating imbalance in the blood flow, with more blood going towards the brain than the body.

placement of bed

one must keep in mind that the magnetic pole of the earth should never align with your body by head towards north.

Now talking about furniture, the bedroom comprises of heavy furniture piece such as a wardrobe, etc.


The wardrobe should be placed in the south the reason is when wardrobe placed towards the south it blocks heat to penetrate and your belongings will be safe from insects etc as moisture will be absorbed.

Also, the reason for keeping bed towards the south is because we are going to place our head mostly towards the south.

For better space planning one should never put heavy furniture pieces in the centre.

Bedroom furniture


The bedroom is the only place where the probability of you being conscious is less at least while sleeping.

As per the norms of Vaastu, your bedroom should be in square or rectangle shape.

The reason could be better space planning and clutter free visuals of-course.

The bedroom should be away from the main door of the house, as it can hinder privacy and peace both.

There is a separate branch of Vaastu for proportions and design of bed called Paryanka or Shayana Vaastu.

As per this scripture, good quality of wooden bed should be used, also metal bed should be avoided.

The bed should be flat and a very hard or very soft should be avoided, the reason is for better spinal and bones support.

The bed should be placed under the highest part of the ceiling.

The mirror should never be placed in front of the bed.

The reason is it creates weird illusions and our brains are trained to focus on movements and thus it will unable to rest.


What Is the Best Bed Position As Per Vaastu?

Best Bed Position

What Is Best Bed Material As Per Vaastu?

Best Bed Material

Let's understand by example have you ever tried looking in the mirror without looking at you or someone else, no right?

That's the reason to not keep a mirror in front of the bed.

And a human can survive without food for more days than that of sleep.

As per Vaastu rather than keeping the computer, T.V, we should focus on keeping enchanting pictures, paintings, and inspiring quotes. It will help you to be a better version of yourself.

Placing beautiful indoor plants in your bedroom will give you a better sight and little fresh air in your room.

Vaastu will thus provide you with better health, peace and will ultimately lead you to a better life.

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