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How To Make Perfect Bedroom Layout | Space For Foot Walkway | Space Between Bed & Wardrobe


First of all, you need to measure your room and look at the shape of your room.

Understand that each room has its own shape, size and scale.

Now draw a layout plan of your bedroom or map it on graph paper in a simpler and clutter-free manner.

List down the furniture you need based on your functions and start organizing it on paper with at least more than one layout.

Measure the furniture pieces or look at the possible available sizes for your room.

Check out for hurdle free movement and it does not disturb any of the function such as switchboards or lights/ light points, gadgets, door/windows, opening or closing of closet/drawers, etc.

Understand the importance of each space and object in your bedroom with available space.

Layout planning makes a huge difference when done correctly and makes a larger impact on the overall design.

Before starting layout design, mark the main bedroom door with its dimension and dimensions from the nearest walls.

Also, mark location and size of bathroom doors and now segregate the usable spaces planned in layout.

bedroom layout


For example, you can plan your passage in a bedroom in the lane of your door such that you can use maximum spaces with a sparing minimum space for foot walkway yet making it comfortable.

On how to decide walkway width size, you need to understand the basis of human anthropometry.

For example, you need at least 3feets for bedside walkway.


bedside walkway


Of course, you can decrease at the cost of your own comfort and availability of space in your room vs. Functions it has to accommodate.

Smartly managing spaces and minimizing the walkway by giving a common walkway for multiple spaces can make your layout better planned.


For example, one needs a space to open wardrobe shutter or stand at the edge of the wardrobe and you can have it in your bedside footway to use all the possible spaces in better functioning of spaces.


space between bed & wardrobe


That is your 2feet walkway for the wardrobe can accommodate inside 3feet walkway around the bed and yet you have 1feet clear space for your bedside function or bedside table.

For better design, layout first, have a brief of your design.


Collect all the information you need to understand as a user of this space.


Then, you must have a detailed space planning as per your priorities in bedroom design. functions, and tertiary functions.


For someone who is only going to use working space once in a while can look for inbuilt fold-able space saving designs rather than a big working table that is hardly be going to use over other functional spaces.


Now make at least more than one design concept and see the viability of each space for better use.


foldable table



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