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How to Measure a Room To Buy the interior or furniture elements | HomesLibro |

Before bringing in new furniture you must check about accessibility through the bedroom door as well as house main door.

You must always look at all the possibilities of bringing in the new furniture or renovating i.e. taking the old one out.

Stairs are the most critical part if furniture has to go through stairs. you must check the possibilities of turning in advance.

Check the landings and width of stairs in advance for a better job. So, before that, you must have precise sizes of furniture pieces as well as opening.

While measuring in the bedroom, one must never forget about measuring the width and height of windows, door and window sill, lintel, etc.

You have to take them into consideration while designing the interior.

It is always a wise decision to match the levels for the clutter-free design.



A bedroom is a place to rest, you may never need any objects to create hindrance in your sight.

While you measure your rooms for interior design make sure to mark each electrical point with precise dimension, and its probable extension on a paper.

For example, mark all the electrical sockets and switches on your plan.

One should have a clear idea about what sort of availability of plugs exist in the given room for example for a planned floor lamp you need a socket at a given location in the floor.


Even if socket or something to the plug is not available one should have a clear idea of extensions or alterations to be made at initial levels.


If you are planning to give a TV area or working space in the bedroom then you must plan your switchboards and sockets accordingly.


Thus, planning a layout and knowing the precise existing information goes back and forth hand in hand. (For details refer electrification)




Verify the size of tape you need. It should be larger than the longest length which is usually cross corners for precise measurement.


Have a helping hand to hold the opposite end.


This can help you to be accurate in your dimension.


When measure tape holds straight without saddle or negligible saddle, the measurement will be more accurate


Measure the length, width, and height of each wall in your room.

Measure the columns (if any) its distance from the wall and plan your furniture layout accordingly.

Measure the beams projecting out from your wall, its dimensions and heights for false ceiling.

Measure alternate corners or opposite corners to confirm that room is precisely right-angled or has crooked angles.