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Basics Furnitures Everyone Should Have in a Bedroom - Homeslibro

There are hundreds of furniture pieces available for your bedroom, but you may not need to have it all.

List down the functions and functional spaces for your bedroom.

Let us simplify, for sleeping you need a bed and for keeping things nearby your bed you may need side tables based upon your requirements.

If you love to read or work from your bedroom you may need a desk and chair suitable for you.

To get ready you may need a dressing unit or mirror.

To relax you may prefer a couch or lounge. Thus, you can first list down the functions and respective spaces for your bedroom.

There are various types of furniture such as bed, side table, dressing, chair or stool, wardrobe, working table with chair.

Various types of storage such as racks, shelves, under bed storage, TV unit, file or book racks, showcases, coffee table with chair/stool, etc.

Basics Furnitures


Necessarily you may not require all of them but have a detailed list of priorities and set a budget for each in respect to availability, type, price, and necessity.

Many times designers get a slip in marketing strategies and end up buying the products which otherwise may not be required.

What are the things found in the bedroom?

Here’s the list of 34 Things in Your Master Bedroom:

1)     Blankets, quilts

2)     Comforter, bedspread, duvet

3)     Bedskirt

4)     Sleeping pillows

5)     Headboard, footboard and mattress frame

6)     Mattress and box springs

7)     Mattress pad

8)     Sheets and pillowcases

9)     Pillow covers and shams

10)   Throws (blankets)

11)   Writing desk and/or vanity table

12)   Mirrors – dresser, wall, floor

13)   Rugs

14)   Lamps:  floor, table, hanging, wall sconces

15)   Alarm clock, radio

16)   Draperies, rods, brackets, valances

17)   Window shades, blinds, shutters

18)   Nightstands, occasional tables

19)   Artwork, posters, prints

20)   Photos, frames, photo albums

21)   Vases, flowers

22)   Candles, candleholders

23)   Tissue and tissue box cover

24)   Storage boxes, baskets, trays

25)   Television, cable box, satellite box

26)   Nightlight

27)   Decorative objects and knick-knacks

28)   Dressers and clothing

29)   Armoire and/or TV cabinet

30)   Chairs

31)   Loveseat, chaise lounge

32)   Ottoman

33)   Bookshelves, decorative ledges

34)   Books, magazines, bookends

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