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Details Of Kitchen Island Sizes | Homeslibro


Typically, the island is a kitchen-centric countertop, which allows access from all sides and is mainly used for food preparation and storage of cooking utensils. Therefore, it is an elegant solution in finding a workspace that can be used in a typical home kitchen with enough space in the kitchen.


Here are the standard sizes of Kitchen Island, which will give you an idea of ​​the space required for Kitchen Island in your kitchen!



Kitchen Island is an additional counter with multiple uses. It is only recommended for kitchens with minimum dimensions of 4.50 m in length & 3.60 m in width, with the minimum size of the island being 1.20 m long and slightly more than 0.60 m wide.


Therefore for a small kitchen, the island is not an appropriate solution. It is advisable to plan only the kitchen counter on the edge of the kitchen wall, including the standards of the kitchen work triangle.


For a small kitchen, preference is given to an additional removable island. If your kitchen needs an island, the foldable kitchen island and portable kitchen island come in handy when the real counter is messed up. It can be moved to another space after use and used as a storage cabinet in another room.



Island countertops are usually placed above waist level with drawers for storing utensils, food preparation tools, etc. The kitchen island depends on the purpose.


As with normal use, it is used as a counter, and its height should be 0.85 m to 0.90 m (2'-9 "to 3'-0") for the kitchen counter or platform so that the woman using it can cook comfortably without any back problems.


If it is used for service purpose, it should be 0.75 m (30 inches) higher than the height of the island table, as it is convenient to knead and take out the atta (flour) so that one can force it further down.



The kitchen island width depends on the application. At a minimum, the island should be slightly more than 1.20 m (4 ft) long and 0.60 m (2 ft) wide or deep, but also the distance needed for people to move and work around it.


When used with breakfast bars, then two parallel widths, one should consider that one is 0.60 m (2 ft) for the counter and an additional 0.30 m (1 ft) for the breakfast bar. So you need to consider a total width of 0.90 meters (3 feet)



Ideally, there should be enough room for people to stand and work on the island, so there should be room for two people to stand side-by-side or comfortably walk across the crevice. At the same time, this space should accommodate people with mobility problems who can move with a wheelchair or walker.


Therefore the standard width around Kitchen Island or any two parallel counters or cabinets should be at least 1.20 m (4 ft) and at least 0.9 m (3 ft) if there is a single counter.

Kitchen Island Sizes

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