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Home Wallpaper: Pros and Cons | Sizes | Comparsion | All You Need to Know - Homeslibro

Wallpaper is a material used as a wall covering instead of ordinary paint. This is a great way to decorate interior walls. Home wallpaper is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide decorative surfaces. Home wallpaper is not only an option for decorating walls, it also adds effects on the interior wall!


Wallpaper can be used in any area such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, but one has to choose the right wallpaper for different areas.

Difference Between Wallpaper And Texture Paints

While taking our step towards deciding the textured wall  first question that comes in mind are whether to choose  wallpaper or textured paint.

For taking a correct and informed decision one must go  through the pros and cons.

Before taking a final decision, one must examine the current condition of the wall and room.

For example, if it has wallpaper or paint because painting  over wallpaper is really a bad idea.

Basically, the quality of the paint is ruined. And the removal of wallpaper is much harder at this stage.

Now if you are thinking about applying wallpaper over  wallpaper then is quite an acceptable decision based on the  condition of wallpaper or its texture.

First of all, rectify if it is vinyl wallpaper or smooth.  Vinyl wallpaper has to be removed first.

Apart from this, you must go through physical samples for a detailed view.

Also, check out for online available options and prices as there is a huge market and a diverse range of products out there.

Also, one must go through a keen understanding of the pros and cons of wallpaper and textured paint.


Wallpaper Pro/Advantages



A great range of options is available in wallpaper and its customization making it a more versatile option.


You get the most suited designs or prints or can get it to  customize as per your photo or murals etc.

Thus, you get a wall you exactly dreamed off and thus it  makes an elegant option to choose wallpaper over paint.


Though its lasting depends on the usability and user, it usually  lasts for up to 10-15 years, which makes it more sustainable  and reliable option.


If taken care of it can last for about 10-15 years and it  requires about no maintenance.

This makes it a more cost-effective option in comparison to  painting which usually requires more maintenance or touch-ups after just a few years.

Although one must take it into consideration that the initial cost of wallpaper application is a little higher. But in the long run, this cost is negligible.


When designing or dreaming of the wall to look in a certain way, there is nothing better option than personalizing for your own. With wallpapers, you can customize the design as per your needs.


Wallpaper Cons/Disadvantages


Though it can survive almost all weather. Too much of humanity may result in slow peeling of  wallpaper or maintenance is required for this type of climatic conditions.



If there are dislikes or boredom from wallpaper redoing it could be a nightmare and really a tough task. Also, in this case, it is going to be an expensive option.


Once wallpaper application is done and if you find a part of  your wallpaper needs to be replaced after a certain time  than it will be difficult to find an exact match as they keep  upgrading their stock and designs of wallpapers.


Paint Pro/Advantages



Painting is quite an easy option and a practical solution for a quick decoration or makeover of your room


Painting a room in one of the cheapest options to cover your wall with the least initial cost of coverings.

Ease of change

Either you are bored or your wall needs up-gradation then  painting is one of the easiest options for change.

One can paint over paint or application of wallpaper over  paint at any given time is a better option to paint or  wallpaper which in most case a not an ideal solution to go with.


Paint Cons/Disadvantages

Can be messy.

Care is needed while applying the paint so it does not spoil  your furniture, floors or other fixtures.

Less permanent.

Touching or maintenance is a necessity after just a few years in most of the case.

Lack of customization.

It looks like flats typically with solid colours which usually result in paints.

There could be more than one colour but it may not have the depth as seen in wallpapers.

Customizing with your kind of patterns need expert resulting in extra expenses.

By keeping in mind the above factors, it may ease your decision based on your requirements.


Where and Why to use wallpaper

Wallpaper is supposed to be used where you need more personalization in the type of prints or colours and customization indifferent sizes apart from less maintenance.

Texture wallpapers give life with interesting patterns to make your bedroom stand out from other bedrooms. With a varied range of patterns, it adds a sense of drama to the room. Patterns like brick, metal, rustic, wooden add liveliness and a sense of owing.


Minimalistic yet impactful:

It is easy to give your room a look from vintage to modern  or contemporary with least efforts yet complimenting your furniture by appropriate use of wallpapers.

It can change your room's ambience very quickly and in a better way. suited for every weather condition, Wallpapers give the  texture of your dream materials without the consent of the  side effects of weathers.

Whether you need wood in hot regions or stone in cold  wallpapers can change the aesthetics game without the  consent of any material details or maintenance issues.


Materials on your wish list can be costlier but you can get a  similar ambience at economical prices.

Also, for overall wall or themed room actual material  becomes costlier whereas wallpaper is, much cheaper in  their comparison.

Add depth in the room:

Textured wallpapers are used for visually expanding a space.

Also, it helps in adding charm to space by its colours, patterns, and textures.

For example, white wallpaper or white leather wallpaper  will make space visually bigger or natural scenery may  widen the view.


Home wallpaper size:

Wallpapers are available in roll, and you won’t get wallpaper per square foot. The standard size of a wallpaper roll measures approximately 10.05 m (32.97 ft) long and 0.52 m (1.07 ft) wide. The maximum width of the wallpaper roll can be obtained up to about 0.68 cm (2.23 ft). 

Home Wallpaper


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