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Kitchen: General Kitchen Space Planning Guidelines | LCETED

General Kitchen Space Planning Guidelines

Kitchens should face North East or North West. Kitchens should be well located internally with respect to the pantry, dining room and living. Although kitchens are small places there planning requires the utmost attention to details. The kitchen is also places of meeting and has social significance. They occupy a large number of users time and peak attention periods. In residences, Kitchens should be placed strategically for easy accessibility to all major work areas and rooms.


Kitchen function relation Source


Work Sequence


“A place for everything, everything in place 3“ should be the motto for a dream kitchen. In order to cut down the walking distance between work centres, utensils should be stored where they need to be first. A well-planned kitchen should not only look good but make the cook using it feel content with his place for work. Work centres and storage facilities  to be laid out in order before freezing on the kitchen plan


When kitchen units are fitted they should follow a sequence that complements the work and reduces efforts. The structure should be spacious and allow room for free movement. The furniture should minimize standing work and any such posture which will be strenuous for the household person.

Use of Kitchen Area Source : Architects’ Data

The ideal sequence of work in the kitchen should be arranged in this order for a normal right-handed person.


Storage - Cooking area - Preparation area – Draining area


For a left-handed person sequence of operations is the opposite.



Work Sequence Source : Architects’ Data
Work Sequence Source: Architects’ Data

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