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Standard Guidelines for Kitchen Furniture Design | Homeslibro


Standard Guidelines for Kitchen Furniture Design

Materials used in kitchen furniture include wood, plywood, chipboard, plastic, mild steel or stainless steel. Exposed wood surfaces are varnished or laminated with plastic. Shelves are of wood or plastic coated chipboard; metal shelves are best for pans and pots. Sliding or folding doors are useful if space is restricted requiring no additional space for opening. Special types of equipment like a universal cutting board, pull out drawers,  pull out towel rails, hinged compartments etc save time and effort. Sink and draining boards should be fitted into floor units which may include a waste bin, dishwasher and disposal units. Dishwashers to be fitted on the left or right side of the sink


Different types of furniture in the kitchen can be classified as

Base units or under-counter units - These units are used for storing large, heavy or seldom-used kitchen equipment.

Wall-mounted units - Wall mounted have small depth so worktops beneath them can be used without hindrance. They allow crockery to be reached without  bending

Tall units - Full height cupboards are suitable for storing cleaning materials,  brooms etc. they can also house refrigerator or microwave


Recommended dimensions for designing a compact kitchen Source

Recommended dimensions for kitchen Furniture design Source: Architects, Data

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