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Types Of Different Material Finishes For Your Furniture - Homeslibro


While choosing the right type of material, the finish is so  important to ensure that the furniture matches the overall theme of your room and enhance the aesthetics and usability of interior space.



A veneer is one of the most popular not only because of the aesthetics but is economical options at the which it gives the warmth of solid wood at quite a lesser price.

It is made out of natural wood’s thin sheets and comes in a wide range of designs that enable you to use it in multiple ways to coordinate the style and design of your room.

With a varied range, it can match almost any interior style from classic to contemporary or modern.

Though one must keep in mind that it requires a certain amount of maintenance in the form of regular polishing.


veneer finish


Laminate is another popular finishing material widely used in today's time.

It comes in a wide range of colours and designs from matte to glossy.

Laminates are scratch-resistant, easy to clean material but  are brittle in nature.

Once cracked it is hard to use and thus produce a huge  waste if not taken care of.

Wooden Laminate finish
Wooden Laminate finish


PVC foil

Foils are pressed on an MDF board in order to create a  decorative film over the surface of MDF.

It comes in a wide range from scratch resistant to semi-gloss finishes.


Lacquer or Polyurethane paint

Coating the surface of the furniture an item with lacquered  or polyurethane paint gives a smooth finish and  extraordinary aesthetics.

A variety of colours and gloss are available in this type of paints. Also, they are easy to maintain which makes it another great reason to choose for your furniture.



Mirrors are available in different sizes and colours. It could make your space look visually larger. Also, it reflects the light which makes a room airier and full of light.



The modern interior style uses glass as a finishing material more than any other styles used in any interior style.

The glass comes in a range of clear, opaque, back painted, painted, printed, frosted, stained, etc.

It adds a sense of light and minimalism to space. It can contradict any interior style based upon its usage and compliments the decor of your room.

Though it needs maintenance in the form of cleaning and  using it with caution.

It reflects the light bringing a better quality of light in your  room by simply reflecting it.


Solid wood

Though it is a costlier option for your furniture items it most is widely used since ancient times.

Furniture made from solid wood are unmatchable and has a warmth of its own.

It is one of the most versatile materials for furniture items.  It could blend with all the interior styles from retro to classic and contemporary to minimalistic.

It is expensive materials but at the same time, it is more durable and needs a little maintenance in the form of polish over a period of time.



In today's time industrial type the decor is largely used in  bedrooms from side tables to beds.

Even contemporary style incorporates metal frames in their interior designs.


Types of veneer polishes and their prices

Mainly three types of polishes are used: Natural polish,  colour polish, and melamine polish.

Natural polish: It leaves the natural colour of the wood.  It's one of the cheapest options around Rs. 40/Sft

Colour polish: It matches the colour of the laminate. It cost  from around Rs. 30 /Sft

Melamine polish: After the colour polish, it is sprayed on the surface for long-lasting results.

It is available in a range from glossy to matte finish.

PU Polish: This one is better quality polish than Melamine polish. It costs around Rs. 400/Sft

This is one of the most expensive polish and it cost Rs.  55/Sft and Rs. 70/Sft

Note: Rates are estimated rates and vary as per context and

Preferences (2020)


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