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FALSE CEILING: Types of False Ceiling Materials used for a home | Homeslibro

Types Of False Ceiling Materials (I.E. Gypsum, Pop,  Wooden, Etc.)

False ceiling is used to provide false suspended plane  just below the ceiling to hide the services and for  temperature control (insulation) and better aesthetics.

Types of False Ceiling

The major classification of false ceilings based on  materials used are listed below,

1)  Gypsum Ceiling

2)  Plaster of Paris Ceiling

3)  Fiber Ceiling

4)  Wooden Ceiling

5)  Glass Ceiling

6)  Metal Ceiling

7)  Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling


Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum false ceiling is sound insulated, lightweight,  soft, fire resistance and thermally insulated.

These come in square and rectangular panels of varied sizes.

These boards are suspended with a supporting framework below the ceiling.

These can be easily painted, laminated, or wallpapered as per requirement. for better finishing and aesthetics of the room.

Gypsum False Ceiling


Plaster of Paris Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is used majorly false ceiling for  the interior of the buildings.

POP false ceiling is attractive, maintenance-free and  has quite a long life span.

POP is widely used as it is excellent insulators for both heat and cold.

It helps one achieve smooth and clean false ceiling design.

Plaster of Paris Ceiling


Wooden False Ceiling

Wood is used in the false ceiling due to its natural  beautiful patterns and textures.

It is one of the costliest options for a false ceiling but  can be used as a part of a false ceiling to cut the cost.

Various finishes can be used for wooden false ceiling.  Disadvantages of the wooden false ceiling are  warping, termite protection and thermal control in  the interior with balance humidity.

Wooden False Ceiling


Metal Ceiling

Tough it is generally not used directly in the bedroom  false ceiling but can be used in bathrooms or dressing area.

galvanized iron and aluminium are widely used because of its strength and durability.

The cost is generally low as it is easy to install as well as access.

Metal Ceiling

Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

Leather or cloth ceilings are nowadays widely used in  the false ceiling due to its lightweight and appealing character.

Freedom in design with beautiful aesthetics at a low  price makes this material a prime choice of many  designers in today's era.

The disadvantage of this the ceiling is it requires regular  cleaning dust maybe layered over a certain time.


How To Design A False Ceiling And False

Ceiling Terminology (I.E. Cove Lighting Etc.)


Segregate the areas before designing a false ceiling for your bedroom.

For example, working area, or dressing or walkway  can have a separate division through cove or separate plane.

Provide separations through false ceiling only where  needed as more of it can clutter your vision.

Match the lines of your ceiling or contrast it with the  plan below for a better designs.



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