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Three Main Types Of Lighting For Your Home | Homeslibro

A room can meet multiple needs. This is a place where you can relax, work on the computer, do arts and crafts, cook, share food with friends and much more… Lighting features are ideal for room arrangement or application.

Patricia Risso of the Lighting Research Center says: “The best advice we can give is the following. People often expect a light source to meet all their needs. However, all three types of lighting have a specific function to meet specific needs, namely:


1)  Ambient Lighting (General Lighting),

2)  Task Lighting

3)  Accent Lighting


1. Ambient Lighting (General Lighting)

It is one of the common types of lighting. This is soft light  required for basic functions without any harsh glare or light.

We can say a natural amount of light required in a room is ambient light.

It is somewhere in between darkness and harsh glare, a  basic you need to reach from one point to another but does not support your functions like study or reading.

Atmosphere: It creates a better environment just by the quality of light in your space.

Ambient lighting is commonly referred to as mood lighting.

It also helps reduce stress and anxiety by the appropriate use of this light.

Using the following lights ambient lighting can be created in  your bedroom.

Recessed or Track Lights. Series of these light throughout bedroom space can be used.

It blends well with all ceiling or false ceiling types but height is to be kept in mind as at low height it could be harsh than an ambient.

Same way over usage of this light can also result in light other than ambient.

Chandeliers and Pendants. It works well with taller ceilings.  Height plays a critical role in the placement of the chandelier.  It can suffice your lighting needs with beautiful aesthetics.

The function of space has to be kept in mind while placing chandeliers or pendants.

Wall Lights and Wall Sconces. It is the most versatile form of light that can go with any interior types and style.

If not placed carefully it may result in a harsher light, but if used sparingly these work great in bedrooms.

Types Of Lighting


Task Lighting

This is concentrated light or light subjected to certain the area mostly a smaller one.

It can be placed near the working area of your bedroom. It  can accommodate light for functions like reading, writing,  sewing or fine works, etc.

Task lighting works well when contrasted by contrasting light.

In-room full of ambient light there could be a task light used for a specific function and it improves the overall environment of your room.

Atmosphere Task lighting stimulates your brain for doing work efficiently.

This is because your concentration will be on your work more and only visibility will be there in your subject area allowing the mind to focus maximum in your work.

Using the following fixtures to create task lighting in your bedroom.

Desk, Floor Lamps and Swing Arm. Using lamps beside your desks or bedside tables, or anywhere for little extra light accommodated for working.

·       Vanity Lights work well in your dressing mirrors.

·       Track Lights and Pendants.

·       Typically cover more space but can be used near the study area in your children’s room.

Types Of Lighting

3. Accent Lighting

It is concentrated light yet drawing intention towards its focal point. It is a great way to use this light to create or add  drama and style to your bedroom area.

It could be used to highlight artwork or a painting or the back wall of the bed.

Atmosphere It creates is very sophisticated in your bedroom.

It evokes your feelings and emotions towards a highlighted object.

Using the following lights one can create accent lighting

Wall Lights are a great way to use this type of lighting by simply providing it on your side tables or above family photos or artwork, you love to see or highlight.

Types Of Lighting

Spot Lighting and Recessed Lighting.

This can be generally used for you highlighting the wall or  the back wall of your bed to enhance the texture or patterns of wallpaper or paint.


Types Of Lighting


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