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Maintenance Methods For Different Types Of Floor | Homeslibro


There are many types of floors and each has its own methods of maintenance. These are discussed further.


Marble Floors

Daily maintenance is to be made by mopping with a mild detergent in water. Marble can easily get stained and scarred. The lighter the colour the more easily the stains can be detected. If there is a spill, it should be wiped out immediately. If these are stubborn stains, proceed as follows:


1. If the stain is from grease, make a paste of chalk dust or whiting with acetone. This mixture is applied to the stain and allowed to stand overnight. Sponge off the mixture and buff the treated area.


2. If the stain is from an organic source such as tea, fruit juice, or carbonated beverages mix, use the chalk powder with hydrogen peroxide instead of acetone. Rust stains can also be removed by this paste. If the above process dulls the surface, sprinkle marble polishing powder (tin oxide) and rub it down with thick cloth or an electric buffer. Stubborn dirt can be removed by dry borax and damp cloth followed by rinsing with warm water.


Granite and Other Stone Floors

Mopping with mild detergent and water at regular intervals will keep the floor in good shape.


Terrazzo Floors

For a period of at least three months after the terrazzo floor has been laid, it should be swabbed daily using clean water and a clean rough swab (floor cloth) which should be rinsed frequently in water to avoid dirt being carried back onto the floor. The floor is then allowed to dry. If the floor is dirty, water and a mild soap may be used to clean it. The soap should be completely removed by mopping as otherwise it will be deposited on the floor making it slippery and dull looking. After this initial cleaning, ordinary swabbing will keep the floor shining.


It is seldom possible to remove oil and grease, if spilt on the floor, and if they are allowed to penetrate below the surface. However applying a paste made by a powder such as hydrated lime and marble dust, or whiting with benzol or clear gasoline over the stain, and then wash after 12 hours can be used as described in section


Acid polishing of terrazzo floors (using oxalic acid) is usually carried out after machine polishing during the first laying of the floor. This can be repeated if needed. For this purpose, oxalic acid is dusted over the surface at the rate of 35 g per sq m of the surface sprinkled with water and rubbed hard with a pad of woollen rag. The following day the floor is wiped with a moist rag and washed clean with water. Acids such as dilute hydrochloric acid should not be used for cleaning mosaic floors.


PVC Floors

PVC flooring subject to normal usage may be kept clean by mopping with soap solution using a clean damp cloth. The traces of soap should be removed by mopping. Water should not be poured over the PVC flooring for cleaning as it may seep through the joints and cause the adhesive to fail. The floor may be periodically polished to keep up its appearance. It should not be overwaxed and if it develops this condition, it should be cleared with white spirit or paraffin.


Linoleum Floors

Mopping with white kerosene oil can pick up all the dirt from linoleum floors. After removing all the dirt, the floor can be wiped with water and mopped well to get a polished surface. As in the case of PVC floors, excess water and alkaline soaps should not be used for cleaning linoleum floors.


Block-wood Floors

All wood floors should be kept clean and the blocks should not become loose. The floor is cleaned and kept bright by polishing with beeswax or ready-made wax polish.


Ceramic (Glazed and Vitrified) Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. Soap and water can be used to clean them. Special care should be taken to clean the joints (unless jointless tiles are used for the flooring). Any stains can be removed by any of the methods used for other floors or even by the household methods of using a cut lemon.


What kind of floor is easier to maintain?

Vinyl flooring

What type of flooring is durable?

Tile flooring


What flooring is best for the kitchen?

Tile flooring.

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