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Controlling the cost of construction of a building should be thought of from the planning stage itself. The main methods used for control are discussed further.

Planning and standards of accommodation.

Sizes of rooms, the height of the ceiling, number of windows and doors, sizes of rooms, etc. are important components in the cost of buildings. There should be only minimum areas for corridors, lobbies, etc. for the economy. Attention to them in the planning stage can decrease the total cost of the building to a large extent.


Specifications of materials. The specifications used for floors, woodwork, painting, etc. considerably affect the cost. For example, teak woodwork will be very much more expensive than other ordinary types of wood. Similarly, ordinary glazed tile or mosaic tile floors are cheaper than expensive marble or vitrified tile floors. Painting with expensive paints can also increase the cost of a building.


Structural and foundation design. Economic design of foundation and structural elements such as beams and slabs can considerably decrease the cost of a building, especially as the costs of cement and steel are nowadays very high. The design of the components of the building should always be carried out by a qualified engineer. This will not only reduce the cost but also ensure the safety of the building.


Administration. The cost of supervision of work and payments will depend on the method of construction. The contractor's profit nowadays, because of the taxes such as service tax, etc., has to be more than 20 per cent, whereas the cost of simple supervision by a qualified civil engineer will cost only about 7 to 10 per cent of the works. Hence, the method adopted for getting the building constructed is also important.


How to Reduce Construction Cost

The best ways to save on construction costs are:


Plot selection

It starts with choosing a plot location for your home. Target the roadside plot that has transportation facilities and can be contacted at every centre needed. it can help you to reduce the transportation cost over a lifetime.


But, there are many sellers who sell roadside properties at very high prices, taking advantage of the high demand. So be careful when choosing land. It's okay to get a little farther from the main road.


Check on Electrical and Water supply in the area

We have to apply a separate poll line connection if the electricity line is not near your plot, which is expensive. As it's the same for plumbing connection


Buying of construction materials – Bulk Purchase

The cost of construction materials will be lower if you buy the material in large quantities on need. This is because the merchant will give you a higher discount when you buy a larger quantity of goods.


Purchase items from local vendors

When buying construction materials, try to buy from local vendors which will reduce your transportation cost as the transportation cost of construction materials will be higher.


Knowing how to use bricks and ACC blocks



Saving in Labour Cost

Giving works by the labour contract will reduce labour cost otherwise the labour will work according to their time and you have to cost more.

Some Points to reduce your construction costs when building a house

1. Choose your land carefully

2. Get different quotes from a different construction companies

3. Try to avoid building designs that are complicated

4. Use an experienced Team that will Reduce the construction cost up to 5% to 10%

5. Try to minimize wastage

6. Choose affordable construction materials

7. Try to buy construction materials from direct dealers whenever possible.

8. Focus on the little things

9. Develop strategies when the budget is high


Approximate Costs of Various Components of Construction

The table below gives the average percentage cost of civil works for a residential building. It also gives the possible savings that can be made. Actual values will obviously depend on many factors.


Table: Percentage Cost of Civil Works





Possible saving on total cost (%)



10 to 15

1 to 3


Structure (wall and roof)

30 to 40

4 to 13


Doors and windows

12 to 20

1 to 8



10 to 20

2 to 7


Finishes, plastering, painting

5 to 20

1 to 8


Waterproofing (roof, wet areas)

8 to 12

1 to 2


In addition, the cost of services as estimated as a percentage of civil works is taken as follows:

1. Water supply and sanitation - 12.5 per cent

2. Electrical works - 12.5 per cent

3. External works - 5.0 per cent


So, the total cost of the services is up to 30 per cent of the cost of the total cost of civil works.



Before we start building work, we should properly plan its layout and decide on the specifications for each major item of work so that the cost of the construction can be kept within the estimated value. For the economy, the type of foundation superstructure and roof that will be used for the building should be carefully selected in advance.

These should not be overdesigned. Specifications for finishes like types of flooring and painting should be carefully drawn up to reduce cost. The woodwork in doors, windows, ventilators etc is also a major item in the cost of buildings. Nowadays teak (which was extensively used in ordinary buildings in the past) is very costly.

Alternate materials like chemically treated wood or the use of other materials like aluminium must be considered for reducing the total cost. In short, advanced planning of each item is necessary for cost reduction and in many parts of India, can lead to considerable economy in construction.


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