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G-Shaped Kitchen Layout: Merits and Demerits | Where to use it

The G-shaped kitchen is actually a modified version of the U-shaped kitchen arrangement. The G-shaped kitchen layout makes the room feel very spacious and opens the wall to the adjoining room creating a pass or breakfast for the family.


G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The G-shaped kitchen is perfect for those who want to use every square inch or foot of kitchen space for their space. The G-shape is completed several times by adding the peninsular area to create a complete G-shaped kitchen layout. Adding a peninsula is a great way to invite your kitchen further, especially if you are serving food with guest seats attached, keep the equipment and function extensively as extra workspace! The peninsulas are usually about 1.2 m wide, which provides space for those on either side of the bench! This G-shaped kitchen arrangement will naturally increase the storage options around the cook from all three sides!


The G-shaped kitchen has its own pros and cons, which gives you a clear idea of ​​how to choose the right arrangement for your kitchen layout.


G-Shaped Kitchen Layout Pros/Advantages



1. Flexibility To Add More Wall Kitchen Cabinets

With this G-shaped kitchen design, you can get three sidewall space for kitchen cabinets to store your kitchen related items!


2. Provides Extra Basic Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to wall space, countertops for kitchen appliances such as the fridge/freezer or a dishwasher or basement can be used instead of wall units.


3. Platform Space/ More Counter

With a G-shaped kitchen design, you can have more space to work in the kitchen! It beats the U shape because you have more surface to work with.


4. Open or private kitchen

There are two options in G-shaped kitchen design, you can close them to make the wall of the kitchen more unique or open to feel the space and connect it with other living spaces!


5. Flexibility

The G-shaped kitchen layout is a very social and efficient layout because it has more than just the counters or floor space required for a large kitchen, plenty of flexibility and ample storage space!


6. Peninsula

G-shaped kitchens fit well into kitchens connected to open project living areas. It keeps you connected with your family or guests while cooking!


7. Many options for work triangle

G-shaped kitchen layout may have additional options to design a kitchen work triangle. This is a great way to control access to a busy work triangle area. Can accommodate multiple cooks with plenty of space!


All You Want Know About Kitchen Layouts And Its Types | Pros And Cons 


G Shaped Kitchen Layout Cons/Disadvantages


1. Over Stuffed Kitchen

G shaped kitchen designs sometimes makes the kitchen feel smaller or closed than actual, due to its over storage units hang on all the walls!


2. Complicated Layout: Needs Deep Thought 

To use this kind of design, you have to put more thought into how to make the layout, where to put the sinks cookers etc, than a less complicated layout. This is great if you need the storage and preparation space, but not so beneficial if you are trying to keep it simple!


3. Corner control increases

Basic cabinet pots/pans in the corner of the G-shaped kitchen can be difficult to reach and remove. If you do not use accessories to improve its functionality, as there are many corner base boxes to reach!


4. Movement Issues

The downside of G-shaped kitchen design is that it limits access to the main kitchen area. Therefore, care must be taken to ensure adequate access and exit to the kitchen employment centre.


5. Space - CON

The G-shaped kitchen gives you plenty of space and space to store things. However, if you live in a small area it can be more difficult to deal with. If you aren't using everything in your kitchen, there really is no point in using this design!


We, hope you have a clear idea of choosing the layout for your kitchen! 

If you aren't planning a G-shaped kitchen, there are plenty of other layout options available at homeslibro. Share your experiences! 


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