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U Shaped Kitchen Layout: Merits and Demerits | where to use it

 U Shaped Kitchen


Are you confused about what kind of kitchen arrangements/layouts will meet all your needs?




U Shaped Kitchen Layout

The style of kitchen we take under discussion is U-shaped kitchen. U-shaped kitchens are also sometimes called C-shaped kitchens. The arrangement of counters in the kitchen varies with the relative location of the work centres depending on the shape and size of the kitchen layouts, which allows for the continuity of kitchen operations.



The U-shaped kitchen layout is designed to have three attached cabinets with an open and free end to the entrance. Add to that, in a very small or narrow U-shaped kitchen, the opposite cabinet will give the look of a galley or corridor kitchen layout, even if the edges are closed from one side!



U-shaped kitchen layout is the best choice for large shaped kitchen, making it convenient for your guests and family members to access while you prepare or cook.



This is just like everything else, and has its own pros and cons in U kitchen design! So, before you choose for your kitchen design, you should look at the following points:


U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Pros/Advantages


1. Ideal for a large family

A U-shaped kitchen is ideal for large or medium-sized kitchen. This can provide ample access to work in a separate area when you have a large family to stay.


2. Well organized

Three-sided working tops kitchen can be easily divided into several work sites.


3. Free Traffic Flow

Disruption to work zones is minimized. The travel distance between the washbasin, stove and refrigerator is reduced, which allows for a smoother workflow. This allows your guests/family to walk without going your (chef) way.


4. Plenty of Counter or Platform Space

Three walls are used with opposite space, which can easily create a dining area if it is open to other parts of the house.


Since there is plenty of space to work independently in the kitchen, no additional counter is needed for the kitchen island or kitchen.


5. Flexible kitchen layout

The layout works well for kitchens that are 3.00 to 5.50 meters or 10 to 18 feet wide.


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U Shaped Kitchen Layout Cons/Disadvantages


1. Requires open kitchen plan

If one does not have a large amount of floor space, if a kitchen island is provided it will become congested and even worse!


2. Space-out the work triangle

Depending on the size of the space between your shaped countertops, a U-shaped kitchen can disturb your work triangle!


3. Large kitchens without a kitchen island are not eligible

If you have a very large kitchen, you need to maintain the kitchen work triangle by providing the kitchen island for easy work length and flow to keep the work areas comfortably close together!


4. Not efficient for kitchens with low dimensions

The kitchen should be at least 3.00 meters or 10 feet wide with adequate space for work centers, at least 1 meter or 42 at least easily accessible in front of each counter or floor.


5. Corner base cabinets can be difficult to access

They become hard to reach unless we use the props to improve its functionality!



I hope the above points will help you decide whether to choose U Kitchen Design For Your Kitchen! Share your experiences using this kitchen layout! If this U-shaped kitchen layout does not fit your criteria, read other shaped kitchen layout information.


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