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Single Wall Kitchen Layout: Merits and Demerits | Where to use it

A single wall kitchen layout is best for homes with tight and limited kitchen space. It is a typical arrangement that includes a sink between the stove and refrigerator. A single wall kitchen is sometimes also referred to as a single wall kitchen or type I kitchen. One-walled kitchen layouts can usually be found in a studio or loft space! Cabinets and appliances are fixed to one wall, saving space. Often, a single-wall kitchen is used for space efficiency throughout the house rather than for kitchen efficiency. There can be many different kitchen layouts for your single wall kitchen layout concept!


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Single Wall  Kitchen Layout

Single Wall Kitchen Layout Pros/Advantages

1.All appliances, materials and food preparation areas are within this single wall kitchen and are easily accessible.


2. The one-wall kitchen layout is suitable for small families. For those who live in confined spaces. It gives you maximum floor area for transportation, other furniture and also creates a sense of openness in the room.


3. One wall kitchen layout is suitable for modern apartment or loft living, especially when making cabinets from the latest materials!


4. The countertops and island-free shelves on the wall give you more flexibility in using space to easily move additions (free stand tables, carts, etc.) when needed as a dining area or additional work space.


5. Centered the sink to best shape the kitchen and free up counter space on both sides.


6. This type I kitchen can naturally save on material costs as it requires a minimum of countertop surfaces and cabinets (depending on space).


7. Improved single wall kitchen layout by adding extra storage space with overhead cabinets!


8. There are no corner base/top cabinets that enhance the functionality of the kitchen compared to other kitchen layouts.


Single Wall Kitchen Layout Cons/Disadvantages


1. Type I kitchens are the least efficient plans as you have to walk several times from one end of the kitchen to the other while cooking.


2. Due to its small size and single length, it provides very limited counter space and it is difficult for multiple chefs to work at the same time.


3. The kitchen island needs to be utilized when preparing food or adding a workshop due to lack of counter space.


4. There is not enough storage space compared to other kitchens.

We hope that the pros and cons described above will help you choose a modified layout for your kitchen.


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